How To Safely Remove Large Branches

Removing a large branch from a shrub or tree does not have to be a difficult task if you understand the basic mechanics behind making the cut. There could be several reasons why you need that branch removed quickly from the tree. It could have overgrown to the point that it is becoming a danger

How To Delay Blooming In Your Garden

Delaying the blooming of a plant Any person who happens to be a serious gardener will know that a garden looks its best when the flowers are in bloom. However, one major problem is that flowers will only bloom for a short period of time, and flowers that tend to complement each other may also

How To Make Summer Hanging Basket

There is nothing more lovely than a flowering hanging basket or two on your patio or porch during the summer months. By following some simple steps, you can create your own summer baskets. Remember to have your baskets in bloom by summer, they really need to be planted in the spring to be given time

Garden Climate

Plant For the Right Climate Like all creatures plants adapt to particular environments. To survive trees and perennials must tolerate year-round changes in their local climate. That includes heat, cold, sun, rain, wind, and the growing season. Quoting a student essay, Mark Twain once said, “Climate lasts all the time and weather only a few

Garden Staking

Gardening is a very fun hobby that many people enjoy. Garden Staking is very important for the health of your garden. It allows plants to be propped up so that they do not blow over in the wind. This can cause damage to the plant and it can also cause death if the wind or

An Introduction To Minimalist Gardens

Modern homes today have enough space for adding a properly designed outdoor space that combines cultivation aspects with hardscaping objects. Many people have also embraced the idea of incorporating a minimalist garden in the overall home architectural design or plan. It is important to note that your garden can be used to express your personality

How To Deal With Mildew Leaf Disease

It is essential that you are diligent about the upkeep of your greenery if you desire to attain the beautiful luscious garden that you have envisioned on your property. Mother Nature often does not help one to keep the plants watered, fed, and disease free. This is when it is necessary to step in to

How To Know If Your Garden Plants Need More Water

It is so important to make sure that your plant is getting enough water. This is essential to having a healthy plant that doesn’t die. You may be wondering how you know if your garden plants are getting enough water since they can’t tell you if they are or not. It can be very confusing

How To Use Organic Pest Control In Your Garden

Protect Plants, The Environment, and You and Your Family From Pest Using Organic Pest Control Pest in your garden can ruin you hard work. Aphids, snails, and slugs can reap havoc on plants, fruit, and vegetables in a garden. Chemical pesticides are effective but they are not only bad for the environment, but can be

How To Install A Queen Excluder

What Is A Queen Excluder? A queen excluder is part of a beehive that is typically made of a mesh material – either metal or plastic. It allows the worker bees to pass through back and forth, but not the queen bee or the larger drone bees. The wires should all be evenly spaced to

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